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27.Jun, 2016 0

Oakland Named The Most Dangerous City in California

Oakland California, which is a city north of Los Angeles and whose population is around 400,000 has been named the most dangerous city in California by a report that was written by San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Alex Ozols. It is a report based on multiple factors surrounding what would…

9.Jun, 2016 0

Downtown Park Affected By Crime Gets A New Design

A local park in San Diego has been the spot where so many people have been victims of crime that the local government is trying to figure out what to do next. The park is called the “children’s park” and it is a park in San Diego that is notorious…

7.Jun, 2016 0

What Should I Do If I Was Involved in a Bar Fight?

Who Is The Responsible Party? It is crucial to remember that there does not have to be physical contact for assault to occur under California law. An aggressor need only to attempt to commit a forceful act upon an individual for an assault charge to occur. So if you were…

3.Jun, 2016 1

What Types of Charges Can I Pursue After A Bar Fight?

There are a variety of legal charges that can be sought against your attack and the establishment, including:  ●      Creating an Unsafe Environment. An establishment creates an unsafe environment when the bar encourages rowdy behavior among patrons and fails to remedy this unsafe environment.  ●      Excessive Force. Bouncers sometimes are…