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Downtown Park Affected By Crime Gets A New Design

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9.Jun, 2016 0 Blogs

Downtown Park Affected By Crime Gets A New Design

A local park in San Diego has been the spot where so many people have been victims of crime that the local government is trying to figure out what to do next. The park is called the “children’s park” and it is a park in San Diego that is notorious for crime and for homeless people committing crimes in the area. On any day of the week you can go to the park at night and see homeless people sleeping there, often drinking and also doing drugs. This type of activity makes the park much less safe to walk by and makes residents in the area worry about the possible effect of crime coming out of the park from drug users. A city councilman in San Diego has taken a deep look into this and decided that it could be the actual parks design, which lends to the problem with homelessness and illegal activity. The city, as a whole has decided to take out 24 trees to increase visibility in the park. They are hoping that the decrease in trees will make it so any witnesses to crimes can see a lot better what occurred and that they can identify the witnesses. San Diego Crime Stoppers, an agency that often has tips to any illegal activity would hopefully be able to have better visibility for their tipsters.

Also part of the redesign is taking out big grassy mounds inside the park where the homeless people sleep. Although it looks great to someone passing by in the day, it has become a bed for several homeless people in the area. Crime is serious and should always be reported, crime stoppers is a group that helps people understand their rights while also registering tips for police agencies about crimes that have been committed.

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