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Oakland Named The Most Dangerous City in California

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Oakland Named The Most Dangerous City in California

Oakland California, which is a city north of Los Angeles and whose population is around 400,000 has been named the most dangerous city in California by a report that was written by San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Alex Ozols. It is a report based on multiple factors surrounding what would make a major city dangerous. They only look at major cities and only talk about cities that are over 100,000 people. The report discusses each of the cities in California which are most dangerous and goes on to say that because of its violent crimes, police corruption and property crimes, Oakland comes in at #1.

Oakland is the 8 the largest city in California and the third largest port city in the San Francisco Bay Area. The city hosts the Oakland Athletics who are a Major League Baseball team and the Oakland Raiders who are a National Football Team. In the past publications have criticized the Oakland raiders fans because of dangerous conduct that has happened at sports stadiums.

Crime has always been big in Oakland and it really started to escalate in the 1960s. In the 1970s, the murder rate in Oakland rose to double that of San Francisco. Recent reports have also said that Oakland has a lower amount of police per 10,000 people. Compared to San Francisco that has 29, Oakland only has 18 per 1000 people pursuant to the most recent statistics. They have also been struggling with Police Corruption. In 2003 reports say that Oakland dealt with a big scandal with police corruption and had to settle for millions of dollars. The department is said to be understaffed and has one of the lowest homicide solving rates in the entire United States because of it. With a declining police force and an increase of violence, one would hope that Oakland would be able to sustain itself in the near future.

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